New Year’s resolutions.

Every new year begins with pressure put upon us to make new year’s resolutions. Radio, TV and newspapers and magazines encourage us to be virtuous. Can yo list a TV programme for each of the following categories? There is at least one on daytime television, and you can catch up on I-player. In the following article try and spot the legal caveats and their purpose.

Exercise more.

Take more exercise, or exercise more regularly. Consult your doctor before undertaking an exercise programme.

Eat less.

Eat more sensibly or diet to lose weight. Choose local food in season rather than food which has travelled a lot of air-miles. Support local farmers and the economy. Consult your doctor before undertaking a change of diet.

Spend less

Spend less on frivolous extravagances and donate money to good causes and charities.  Cut your credit cards in half and spend less to get out of debt. Consult your financial advisor for advice on savings and investments. Use internet tools like to compare different offers.

Volunteer to help others.

Volunteer and help others less fortunate than yourself. Listen to children read in school, help with an old people’s lunch club, help a neighbour with gardening or shopping, offer a list to someone without a car. Join the WRVS to help with meals on wheels. Be prepared to fill in a Criminal Records Bureau application form and self-disclosure when volunteering with children, the elderly, or the vulnerable.

Invite the house doctor in.

Declutter the house, get rid of anything which is neither useful nor beautiful; declutter your emotions by letting go of objects which have emotions attached to them. Clean and tidy your living space. Always follow instructions with caution.

Recycle and go green.

Save electricity and gas, conserve the environment, use green energy and light bulbs, recycle and save landfill.

Pray and read the Bible.

Pray for people you love, for people in need, read the Bible and use explanatory notes to help you. Consult your vicar for spiritual advice.

Doctors are experts in medicine. Financial advisers are experts in money. The house doctors are experts in cleaning.

Clergy are experts in spirituality. Do not hesitate to contact them for spiritual advice and guidance as you begin this new year and make your new year resolutions. May God bless you as this new year begins.

Your friend and vicar.    Adrian

Beware the 4th of January.

On Monday 4th January, don’t eat your lunch too noisily, keep your voice down on the phone, and for heaven’s sake, don’t sniff!   You risk really irritating your colleagues if you do.

The first Monday in January is reckoned the most stressful day of the year, and researchers have found that annoying personal habits are most noticed then.  It is a day of when millions of us struggle with rising tension, soaring stress levels and increased blood pressure. Christmas festivities are finally over and it is time to return to work.  The car needs scraping, and it is cold and miserable outside.  That is depressing enough if you had a good Christmas, but suppose you had a terrible Christmas? More people visit divorce lawyers on the first Monday in January than at any other time of the year.  

Also,  January is the month when we pay for December, and fight the urge to keep spending in the sales…. real economic gloom can set in.   All in all, researchers warn:  don’t be surprised if you return to work feeling fragile. The beginning of the new year is the best time to look to the vicar for spiritual advice and guidance.