You and Your Bereavement.

The death of a loved one is a tragic and upsetting experience, and we try to help you as best we can to bring comfort in your loss and to provide a funeral service in accordance with your wishes. Please contact the vicar in the first instance to discuss the funeral of a loved one.

Rev Adrian Judd 01977 704744

When can the funeral be?

Most funerals take place Monday to Thursday when either the crematorium is open  or - for a burial - during daylight hours. Weekend funerals are sometimes possible, as the vicar works then, but the crematorium is closed and funeral directors may offer emergency cover only.

Friday funerals may be possible with a retired vicar, for example where there is a particular pastoral need.

The vicar is available to do funerals on Bank Holidays, Easter and Christmas - if you can find a funeral director, and grave digger or open crematorium.

Can we have another minister take the service?

The vicar is usually willing to let another person do the eulogy and read the lessons.

 Please remember to ask the vicar if it is okay for another minister to take part.

Where does the funeral take place?

The funeral may take place at Church, followed by a burial in the Church yard at Wentbridge or in the parish council burial ground at Smeaton, or the funeral service in Church may be followed by cremation. Pontefract crematorium is nearer, but there may be a special reason to go to Rose Hill in Doncaster.

If the family prefer the service may take place solely at the crematorium or at the graveside, though this is not always ideal depending on the weather and the number of mourners.

A death of a family member or friend, whether sudden or after a prolonged illness, is a time of uncertainty upset and grief. It is a time where feelings of emptiness and loss may come and go, alongside feelings of numbness, anger, anxiety or frustration. At this time the Church offers practical help with funeral arrangements, as well as  pastoral care  and reassurance of the resurrection to eternal life, and a social network in which  you can find comfort and support.. Please contact the vicar to arrange a home visit.  Nobody likes to think of what will happen if a loved-one dies.

We adore you O Christ and we bless you.

Because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

Although the vicar is available to talk to for pastoral care both before and after your loved-one’s funeral - and please phone to arrange a visit - sometimes counselling is helpful, and local counsellors can be contacted either through your GP, or through websites such as this one.