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Making Your Dreams Come True

Carol Services


December  11th 4pm


18th December 6pm

Also Thursday 22nd 10.30am (informal)



19th December 6pm

Family Service

10.45am December 11th - Darrington Church

Christmas Eve

Kirk Smeaton 9.15pm First Eucharist of Christmas

Darrington 10.45pm Midnight Mass

Christmas Day

Wentbridge 8.30am Communion

Kirk Smeaton 9.15am Communion

Darrington 10.45am Communion

Happy Christmas 2016
Reverend Adrian, Sylvia
and all at Church

Christmas: Why does it begin at midnight with Holy Communion?

The hour was first chosen at Rome in the fifth century to symbolise the idea that Christ was born at midnight – a mystical idea in no way hindered by historical evidence! No one knows the hour of his birth. Certainly in recent times, Holy Communion at midnight on Christmas morning has proved popular with modern families. One British writer pointed out its “domestic convenience” in 1947: “for where there are children and no servants, husband and wife may be unable to communicate at any other time.”
(So things don’t change, then!)

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Joining the Church