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Diocese of Leeds

The vicar is the Rev Adrian Judd. He is married to Sylvia. And works with the wardens and PCCs to promote the mission and ministry of the churches.

This website is designed to help you make contact with the churches, and the vicar, to make it easier for you to plan key events in your life such as weddings, baptisms and funerals. Church life is about ordinary people like me and you. You are very welcome to join us.

In Darrington with Wentbridge

Coffee Morning                                    9am-11.00am                           Mondays                                                        The Reading Room, Philips Lane
Holy Communion                                  10.30am                                   Thursdays                                                      Darrington Church, Church Lane
In Kirk Smeaton with Little Smeaton.

Bible Study Group
Prayer Group
Meet in Kirk Smeaton in people’s home. Details available from the vicar.

The Churches of Darrington, Wentbridge, and Kirk Smeaton with Little Smeaton are situated a few miles south east of Pontefract in pretty villages with beautiful surroundings and unbeatable road links. The Churches are part of the Diocese of Leeds and the Church of England.

We  look forward to meeting you, and speaking to you. There are lots of things to join in with, why not come along and meet us?                                                                                    

Rev Adrian Judd,  Vicar

Back in the autumn of 1992 I spent three months at theological college at Trinity College in Singapore. It was a fabulous experience training with Christians from all over the world, with different cultures, languages, and from different denominations. One thing which has remained with me is the suddenness with which it gets dark. One minute it is light, but pop into a shop for a moment, come out and it is dark. Here in Britain there are lengthy periods of twilight and dawn and dusk, but there it's all over before you can blink.
Faith is like any learning - it either makes sense or it doesn't, and if it doesn't make sense then trying to grapple with faith will be like trying to grapple with my maths homework as a child. I just couldn't do it. Faith is a strange thing, which might sound odd to hear from me, but I don;t assume that it comes easily to many people, although children have an innate sense of awe and wonder and with that there is often a belief in God.
The rest of us have to work at faith, we have to learn, or as it is put 'read, mark, learn and inwardly digest'. I am  writing this just before St Peter and St Paul's day. St Paul worked really hard at his religious education lessons with the Pharisees, but the penny didn't drop, it was only when he met God on the road to Damascus that he really understood. His lifetime of learning suddenly made sense, and it provided him with such a deep insight into Christianity that we are still reading what he wrote to help us make sense of the Gospel.
Spiritual illumination can come slowly or suddenly, and one is not better than the other. But we need to work hard at learning about faith so that when illumination comes we recognise it for what it is and see God at work through Jesus Christ. The greatest danger would be to meet Jesus and yet not recognise him.