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Your Wedding Day

The ushers arrive 40 minutes before the service.

The groom and best man arrive at Church 35 to 40 minutes before the service starts with his best man, and usually is inside Church 20 minutes before. This is so when the bride arrives everyone is inside and the service can start on time. The best man holds the ring(s) and is the groom’s supporter. He gets him in to the Church and sat down at least 15 minutes before the service starts. He sits beside him until the service starts then stands beside him during it.

The Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids arrive at least 15 minutes before the service.

It is traditional for the bride and her supporter to enter first in procession, with the bride on the right, and bridesmaids and pageboys behind. This is better than pageboys  or young bridesmaids entering first, as they can so easily feel over-awed and it is better for the groom when he turns round at the start of the bridal march to see the bride.

The Bride

The bride should arrive 5 or 10 minutes before the service time to allow time for photos. If she arrives on time or up to 5 minutes late she will hear the bells being played. The Father of the bride, or her Supporter arrives with the bride.

The Signing of the Registers

The bride signs first in her maiden name, then the groom, then two witnesses. A copy of the entry in the wedding register is given to the bride: this is your wedding certificate. It belongs to the bride not the groom. You are now married and have proof!

After the Wedding

The ushers should collect any orders of service left behind, and check for spectacles, phones or presents which have been forgotten.

(Or the wedding certificate which sometimes gets overlooked). They remove any flowers which are due to be taken, and put them in the porch.

Enjoy your special day, with your family and friends around you. Have a great honeymoon, and come back and see us in Church as soon as you can!

Choosing Your Wedding Service.

The following wedding services are authorised for use in the Church of England:
The 1662 Solemnisation of Matrimony (from the Book of Common Prayer); The 1966 Solemnisation of Matrimony (Alternative Services, Series 1); The 2001 Marriage Service (Common Worship: Services and Prayers for The Church of England). The 1980 Alternative Service Book is no longer allowed, but the preface, vows and order of the 1980 ASB service can be used, as can the prayers and this hybrid service is practically indistinguishable from the Alternative Service Book wedding rite though it is a Common Worship service. Choose your wedding vows today.

The 1662 Book of Common Prayer marriage ceremony, is still an option and couples can still choose  this  if they wish, though it must be used without variation  and includes the following phrase ‘like brute beasts that have no understanding'. It is perhaps ill-advised to have the 1662 marriage service, though the 1966 wedding service is a lovely alternative. If you want to each have a wedding ring then you can not have the 1662 Wedding Ceremony, you can only have that if you are only having one ring for the bride. Nor can you have the 1662 Wedding Service. Any of the marriage rites can be combined with Holy Communion. This service is then a Nuptial Mass.

To Obey or Not to Obey?

If the bride does not wish to say that she will obey her husband. There are alternative sets of vows which allow couples to have the traditional vows from the 1662 service within the modern wedding service from Common Worship. Many clergy will ask if you want one ring or two before offering you the only option that is left ie the Common Worship marriage service. Famous people who said that they would obey their husbands: Queen Victoria,  Sophie Rhys-Jones. Famous people who did not say that they would obey their husbands: Posh Spice, but if you do not intend it then it is better not to say it.

Will you be 'Given Away'?

In TV land the bride was always given away by her father to the groom, this was symbolic of the transfer of ownership of property and the bride's right hand would be passed to the vicar by her father who would then pass it to the groom. The following was always said in TV weddings, though it was not in the service books: "Who brings this woman to be married to this man?" It is now in the service as an option which you may choose, though another person may be the bride's supporter. This option is very useful if the bride's father is deceased or estranged as permission is explicitly given for another person to be her supporter. Or the vicar may ask the family and friends if they will support them now and in the years to come. All answer 'we will'. If you want this option please make sure it is in your order of service because you may be upset if no one says anything.