Divorce and Remarriage in Church.

The Church of England allows its clergy to marry people in church who have been divorced, but only in exceptional circumstances. It is unlikely that a couple who are both divorced would fulfil the requirements for being married in Church here and we encourage you to speak to your own vicar.

In order to consider an application for marriage by someone who is a divorcee the vicar needs to know that you are no longer married, and that you have had your previous marriage ended by a decree absolute. A decree nisi does not mean that you are divorced.

The exceptional circumstances that the Church of England acknowledge exclude the majority of cases, and exclude people whose current relationship overlapped with their previous marriage.

For the sake of decency you should leave a year’s gap between the granting of a decree absolute and an application to be married to your current partner. The vicar is unable to consider your application if you contact him soon after receiving your decree absolute.

You have to be able to show evidence that you wish to grow in the Christian faith. This is understood to be something that is only demonstrable by attending Church regularly for a period of two or three months prior to applying to be married. For that reason to be married in church if you are a divorcee  you should think at least a year ahead.

We  positively welcome those who wish to marry again after having gone through the pain of divorce. If we believe in a God of forgiveness and second chances: a God who brings light out of darkness ,we, as a church, have to act in a way that shows our communities in a concrete form that belief in action. Re-marrying those who have been divorced is one way of doing that.

It is important that the relationship that you would like blessing has not formed while you were married to your former partner.

If you have been married before, or in a civil partnership it may or may not be possible to be married here depending on the reasons for the breakdown of your previous relationship.

Please see the additional form that needs to be completed here and book an appointment to talk with the vicar about it first, on 01977 704744. We would like to be able to get you married in Church so that your dreams come true.