You and Your Wedding Flowers.

When should I arrange to get a key?

Please make sure that you phone 2 weeks before the wedding to arrange to have a key to do the flowers. People have holidays and may not be available at short notice. It is fine to decorate the Church for your wedding.

What is allowed?

Pedestals with flower arrangements are fine. It’s normal to have two or three. Please remove the stamens from lilies as the vicar has hay fever. It’s okay to use plastic flower arrangement holders  that clip over the ends of the pews. Large flower pots with box trees are acceptable outside the entrance to the Church, but they can fall over in even moderate winds.  If there are candles in them the ushers must take responsibility for lighting them (eg taking their own matches or lighters) and blowing them out. Also, Christmas trees and other evergreen foliage are allowed in season.

What is not allowed?

Ribbons around the pew ends are also fine, though they have a tendency to fall off. Please note that it is unacceptable to use sellotape or drawing pins to attach them. Please make sure that you plan this in advance.  As Church is a building dedicated to God, some parts of the building are more holy than others because of what happens there: the font, where baptisms happen, the pulpit where the Bible is explained, and the communion table where the bread and wine are consecrated. These special places are not allowed flower arrangements. Please do not put flowers actually on the altar, lectern, pulpit or font. You may put flowers by them though.

When is it usual to do the flower arranging?

It’s normal to do the flowers the day before the wedding, but please note that Friday is the vicar’s day off and he will not be available to let you in.  Please plan well in advance and don’t forget to bring the details of who you will be meeting, where and at what time.

After the service can we take the flowers away with us?

Wedding couples are invited to leave flowers in Church as a sign of appreciation, and also the Church congregations can enjoy them. If you do wish to take them away please contact the vicar to let him know in advance and arrange for the ushers to put them in the  porch, immediately after the service ends otherwise when the vicar has left and locked the Church you will not be able to get them.