Arranging for the Interment of Cremated Remains.

We treat cremated remains with respect and dignity. Ashes may be interred in an existing grave or plot, or in a new plot. They must be interred in a wooden casket. They may not be scattered in Church yards - this is  to show respect to the deceased. Also it is not permitted to choose more than one location.

Please contact your funeral director who will make the arrangements for the Interment of Cremated Remains in the Churchyard of your choice. Interments usually take place early morning Monday to Thursday, or at lunchtime. The York Stone memorial stone is brought by a monumental mason, the grave is dug by a sexton (in Darrington), or by the mason (Wentbridge or Smeaton).

Once everyone is gathered the ashes, in a wooden casket are placed in the grave, a short service is said at the graveside and the family go and sit in the Church while the stone is fitted. Once the work is completed the family can place flowers or wreaths. The Churchyard is officially closed but people may apply to have the ashes of a loved-one interred in the memorial garden of the Churchyard. A stone or simple wooden cross may be placed on the site, and a stone vase may be used, with permission.

At a time of grief and  sadness it is by far the best thing to ask your funeral director to make the arrangements with the vicar, the family and the mason, to sort the fees, the digging (except in Darrington), and the paperwork.

Please contact your funeral director to arrange
for the interment of cremated remains.

Photos of Interment Stones in the Garden of Remembrance:  Darrington Church (right )

Smeaton Church  (left)

We adore you O Christ and we bless you.

Because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

The sexton for Darrington Church, wentbridge Church and Smeaton Church is Mr George Hill. He is also a stone mason and can be contacted via the vicar for the supply of gravestones, interment plaques, and stone flower vases. These must be of natural York stone.