The Went Valley Parishes

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Church is about people like you and me. Everyone is special and loved by God. Here we find acceptance and friends. Church is about people not buildings. Why not join us? You will be made very welcome. The Went Valley Parishes - Darrington, with Wentbridge and Kirk Smeaton are near Pontefract in Yorkshire. Everyone is welcome and included.

Darrington Church

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Join us to worship God and celebrate life.  We believe that when you come to Church and pray something happens. God begins to change us, and to transform the life of our community making us all winners.

Here we teach you how to think, but not what to think. We hope that you will choose to live your life by Christian values, and to follow Jesus, the choice is yours. How will you respond to God’s call on your life?


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Each Church has a weekly service and is the heart of the community. Join us to worship God, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to celebrate God’s love for all people. Why not get married in Church?

A Wentbridge Wedding

Wentbridge Church

A Smeaton Wedding

Kirk Smeaton Church


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