Suggested Wedding Hymns:

Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind

Love Divine All Love Excelling

Praise My soul the King of Heaven

Other good Hymns:

All Creatures Of Our God And King
All People That On Earth Do Dwell

All Things Bright And Beautiful (Please  miss out the third and fourth verses)
Amazing Grace

At The Name Of Jesus

I the Lord of Sea and Sky

Immortal Invisible God Only Wise
Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead Us

Morning has broken

O Jesus I Have Promised ;

Some hymns are lovely but go on a bit, which is okay if you have a choir helping lead the singing, but can be difficult for you if nobody is singing.
Please put the words for the hymns in your order of service.

The Lord of the Dance

I usually recommend omitting the following verses from

The Lord of the Dance

I danced on the Sabbath and I cured the lame;

The holy people said it was a shame.

They whipped and they stripped and they hung me on high;

They left me there on a cross to die.

I danced on a Friday when the sky turned black

It's hard to dance with the devil on your back.

They buried my body and they thought I'd gone;

But I'm the dance and I still go on.

Give me joy in my heart

(Five verses and 5 choruses is too many, 3 of each is enough, so miss the last two verses out)

Christmas carols, or harvest hymns are suitable in that season.

For the words see the church hymn book or the internet:

Hymns to Avoid  Jerusalem  (And Did Those Feet In Ancient Times)   I Vow To Thee My Country

The Organist

The most important person at the wedding apart from  the bride and groom, the vicar and the two witnesses is the organist. The church provides an organist to play the hymns and the introit and recessional for the entry and exit of the bride and for the signing of the registers. The organist for weddings is Gill Fletcher, who can be spoken to most weeks at Darrington Church.

Please discuss your music a month before your wedding, with him and also make sure that he is okay with your choice of hymns.  The organist is included in the price of your wedding. Please complete the music form and return it to the vicar.

Please do not book a choir or musicians without asking the vicar’s permission first.