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Diocese of Leeds
Picture courtesy of MadPriest OCICBW
Question: Did Jesus visit England as a young man?
Answer: No. It is ‘just nonsense’ (according to the Bishop of Peterborough)

objections include that the hymn’s opening lines ‘And did those feet in ancient time/Walk upon England’s mountains green’ are inspired by the apocryphal story that a young Jesus visited Glastonbury in Somerset.

Donald Allister, now the Bishop of Peterborough, has complained: ‘What it is actually saying is, “Wouldn’t it be nice if Jesus lived in England?” Yet we all know he did not, so it is just nonsense.’

Question: Is this hymn banned?
Answer: No, but you can only have it if you get a choir in to sing it with their own organist.

Question: Is it really a hymn?
Answer:  Only if you want your wedding talk to tell you why it is nonsense.
Hymns to avoid include this hymn: because 
it is hard to sing and it perpetuates a myth.