The Went Valley parishes

Diocese of Leeds
Readings and Prayers.
Check here for details of different readings and prayers.
If you want a non-Biblical reading apart from one on this list, you need to run it past me.
Please ask family or friends to do the readings... or at least the non-Biblical reading, which should normally precede the Bible reading.
Music and Hymns.
Please speak to the organist Gill Fletcher and to the vicar about the hymns and music you want at your service. It may be possible to have MP3s of music played if the organist does not have the music.
Complete the music form and return it to the vicar by post or in person one  month before your wedding.
Please speak to the organist in Darrington Gill Fletcher if you wish to have a Church choir. Not all musicians are suitable for playing in Church. They should not distract attention from the bride. The vicar’s permission must be granted before you book any musicians or a choir.
Electoral Roll Forms.
Please send these to me, if you have not already done so 2 months before your wedding. Please add onto the form your wedding date.
Bells can no longer be run in our Churches sorry. There are no resident bellringers and the PCC do not allow visiting ringers due to damage caused some years ago.
Banns Certificate/certificates.
One for each address you live at please. Please post this to me a month before your wedding. No need to send it recorded delivery. Rev Adrian Judd. The Vicarage, Marlpit Lane, Darrington, Pontefract, WF8 3AB
Order of Service.
Advice here:
Please let the vicar see it to check it before going to print.
Please email me to agree the date and time of your rehearsal. This will usually be the Wednesday before your wedding at 7pm at the venue you will be married at. If there is more than one wedding that weekend you may need to be flexible and have it at 8pm, or on the Monday or Tuesday evening. It is your responsibility to do this. Invite lots of people to it please!
Please bring your chequebook to the rehearsal (2018 fee £652 cheque payable to 'PCC Darrington with Wentbridge' [or St Peter’s Church, Kirk Smeaton for a wedding there]  this includes the fee for the organist, verger, and heating). Cash cannot be accepted sorry. If you wish to pay by bank transfer instead please contact the vicar who will let you know how.

Please give your photographer details of what is permitted:
Please print and tell your ushers what needs to be done.
Remember to tell them that they should remove the flowers at the end of the service and put them in the porch.
Flowers and Accessing Church.
Please plan 2 weeks in advance and follow the advice here:
Please remember that video recording on Church premises and audio recording of services are permitted.
When you booked your wedding you signed agreement to this.
Planning your wedding - the last two or three months - things to do.