About Kirk Smeaton and Little Smeaton Villages.

Kirk Smeaton and its sister village Little Smeaton face each other across the River Went, the most southerly boundary of the seventh century Saxon Kingdom of Elmet. A footbridge links the two,  which occasionally floods. Kirk Smeaton and Little Smeaton each have their own Parish Council. Until 1929 Little Smeaton was part of the Parish of Womersley. Both are now part of the Benefice of the Went Valley. The Vicar is Fr Adrian Judd. Kirk Smeaton CE J&I Primary School has about 100 pupils. The Went Valley Pre-school meet onsite in term-time, and there is a breakfast club and after-school club. The pre-school and the school both come to the Church for special celebration events such as Christmas Nativity, Harvest Festival, Christingles and the Easter services.

The school has a mixture of new and old buildings, a sports hall and a community room which can be hired out. It is a Church school, and there are good links with the village church. The Church is dedicated to St Peter, its ancient dedication, although for a long time it was dedicated to St Mary, as the GRO at Southport still regard it to be dedicated to St Mary. The Church has recently been rededicated to St Peter which it was known as from the 10th Century.

An excellent history of St Peter's Church is available from the Wardens, and may be digitised, with permission from its author the late Mr Harry Robinson, a former Church Warden. The village pub is the Shoulder of Mutton on Main Street where a warm welcome awaits you.  Black Sheep Ale is usually served, amongst others. An annual harvest auction at the pub raises money for charity. The post office provides an invaluable service for local residents and used to be an inn.

Little Smeaton used to have a railway station on the Hull to Barnsley Line until closed by Dr Beeching. The nearby Smeaton Crags and Brockadale provide ramblers and families with pleasant trips out. If you follow the path through Brockadale you arrive at Wentbridge, and the Wentbridge House Hotel and the Bluebell Inn. Smeaton Church makes an ideal venue for your wedding or wedding blessing or other family celebration.

Kirk Smeaton and Little Smeaton have links with the Brontes and the curate here married one of the Bronte sisters. Trips to Smeaton from the Bronte Society are unusual and very welcome additions to both parish life and that of the Bronte Society.

Contacts for Smeaton Church:

Enquiries for Baptisms, weddings and funerals to the Vicar in the first instance please

Working with the Parochial Church Council,
and Smeaton school,
to keep the Church the heart of the community.

Church Wardens:

Ann Clark

Carol Cessford

Smeaton School:

Headteacher Mrs Cuddy

Kirk Smeaton J&I School, Main Street, Kirk Smeaton 01977 620497

For Church Home Visits:

Mrs. Ann Hanning

Telephone: 01977 621 234

Village Magazine: Chris Lovett
01977 620766

Enquiries for the Cemetery should be made to the Kirk Smeaton Parish Council, rather than to the Church.

Kirk Smeaton School
and the Smeatons Centre

We are very lucky to have a Church school, and the Smeatons Centre in the village of Kirk Smeaton. They have a small community room, and a large sports hall, both of which can be hired. There is the Went-Valley pre-school and a before and after school club. Smeaton school is well-regarded by the Church, community and the wider educational establishment, and is recognised as such by OFSTED, the National Society and the Diocese of Leeds. The latest Church-School Inspection report is available from the School website.

Village fairs and social events are held here, as well as a number of regular activities which are advertised via school. Bookings can be made via the school.