Christingle Service


Welcome: fire safety notice

Opening Carol

Introduction and prayers


We call our oranges with ribbon round them and a candle in them ‘a christingle’ They also have 4 cocktail sticks in them.  The christingle is a symbol. It helps us think of other things.


The orange represents the world.


Dear God we pray for our world that men and women boys and

girls can live together peacefully and that there will be no

more wars. Amen.


Dear God we pray for children who are sad and lonely in the

world, especially refugees in our country. Amen.


The red ribbon reminds us of Good Friday when Jesus

died at Easter time.


Dear God we pray that you will bring an end to suffering and

that people all over the world may be able to choose their

religion and practice it freely. Amen.


Dear God it is sad when people die, please comfort those who

are sad because a relative or neighbour has died, and please

look after children whose parents have died. Amen.


The cocktail sticks remind us of the four seasons:

spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Dear God, we love to kick leaves in autumn, to make snowballs

in winter, to see the gardens grow in spring and to play in the

sun in summer. Thank you for your world. Amen.


Dear God, please keep safe and warm homeless children who

are scared and frightened. Amen.



The sweets or dried fruit on the cocktail sticks remind us that the things we have to eat come from God, who made the world.


Dear God, thank you for the sun and the rain which make crops

grow, we pray for children who are hungry  because bad

weather has spoiled the food their family were growing. Amen.

Dear God, thank you for all the good things which we have to eat. Amen.

The candle reminds us that God helps people find

where they are going by giving them light to see by.  


Dear God, we pray for children and grown-ups who have to travel to work or school when it is dark. Please keep them safe when they travel. Amen.


Dear God, thank you for policemen and paramedics and firefighters who keep working even when the weather is bad and it is dark. Amen.

Christmas Carol - with collection for Church

Bible Story

TALK - the work of the Children’s Society

Lord’s Prayer (optional)

Dear God, thank you for loving us, our families and our

friends. Please help the Children’s society to care for other children and help us to care about them too.
Give us joyful hearts and helping hands, that your love may be seen in all we do. Amen.


Dear God, please help the Children’s Society to look after

children who are in danger. Please protect those children

and keep them safe and warm and fed and clothed. Amen.


We remember today in our prayers those children and young

people who are sleeping rough, and those who try and care

for them like the Children's Society. Amen.


Dear God, help us to remember that every child in every town

village and city is loved by you, and precious in your eyes. Help

us to care for them and not to condemn them. Help us make

every child feel wanted and cared for. Amen.


Dear God, thank you that you keep us safe from harm, thank

you that you look after us and that we have family and friends

who care for us. Please help us to remember others who are in

trouble, and please use these gifts to help them. Amen.

Carol - from the Children’s Society web site

Children come and collect their christingles and give their collection for the work of the Children’s Society. When children are back in their places the christingles are lit, we remain seated for the next carol.

Closing Carol

Christmas Blessing


A christingle service is a good replacement for a family service just before christmas on a Sunday morning. Ideally it should last no more than 35- 40 minutes. It can also be held at Epiphany (January 6th or the nearest Sunday) or Candlemas (February 2nd or nearest Sunday). Or even on Advent Sunday.

Make sure that your sermon or talk is short and that the carols are well know or are sung to well-known tunes.