A Funeral Service in Church

The vicar will meet you outside the Church, and will read sentences of scripture as he leads the procession into the Church.

Welcome, Opening Hymn, Prayer

Prayer of Confession, Absolution

Bible Reading  



Lord’s Prayer (in its Traditional Form)

The Commendation

Closing Hymn

The vicar leads the procession from the Church.

The Committal takes place at the graveside or the crematorium, or if the family wish at the interment of ashes.

The Committal

A psalm, a prayer and a blessing or the grace.

Collections in Church

Please discuss collections in church with the vicar as they may not always be possible,  (as at Darrington or Wentbridge) or the collection may be split between the Church and your chosen charity (as at Smeaton Church).  This can be a cause of great upset or misunderstanding at what is already a difficult time.We recommend that the order of service requests that money in lieu of flowers be given to a family member, or at the crematorium.

Preparing an Order of Service
for a funeral.

It is fine to have an Order of Service printed for the funeral of your loved one, or you can choose to sing hymns from the Church hymn books

Please discuss this with the vicar and let him know which you have chosen so he can tell the verger or Church warden and so the Church can be prepared and either hymn books or orders of service put out on the pews.

If you are preparing on order of service you might like to include the following on it, but please be guided by your funeral director.


Name of the deceased

Either date of birth and date of death

Or date of the funeral and age

Name of the Church

Time of the Service

Often a cross or photo is in the middle of the first page.

Inside Left:

Words of the first hymn

Inside Right:

Words of the second hymn

Possibly the text of the Lord’s Prayer in its traditional form.


Often the family wish to express their thanks to people, especially any who have cared for their loved one

Details of any post funeral refreshments may be included.

Also details of to whom donations in lieu of flowers should be given, and what charity they are in aid of.