How to be an Usher.

Please make sure that  the ushers read this page to help them perform their duties.

Before the Service

There should be two or three ushers: an inside usher, an outside usher, and an usher on parking detail. The ushers, who should be 18 or over, should arrive 40 – 45 minutes before the wedding. They should bring with them the orders of service (if any) so that they can give them to each guest and place a few where the bridesmaids will sit.

Ushers sit at the back at Church, until 5 minutes after the service begins and greet any latecomers and give them an order of service or a hymn book and help them find a seat. They also ask guests tu turn off cameras, mobile phones and videos.

Ushers come forward for the signing of the registers, when the vicar invites the bridal party forward for that.  

The Parking Usher

At Wentbridge Church - to stand at the bottom of Jackson’s Lane and ask guests to park on the road by the bridge or the hotel, or to stand in the car park at Wentbridge and make sure guests do not park there unless they are disabled.

NB the bellringer and organist may park there.

At Darrington Church - to stand by the Lych Gate on Church Lane to make sure no one parks where the bridal car or carriage needs to turn round and park.

The Inside Usher

The inside usher should be chosen so that they recognise family members who have reserved seats, and should be good at crowd control, so should have ‘presence’. Ushers have an important role at weddings in Churches. The inside usher asks people to turn off mobile phones, cameras and videos, and keeps the fire exits and aisles clear.  The inside usher hands out hymn books or an order of service and pays the bellringer. If there is a bell ringer the usher pays the bell-ringer at 12.30pm (or half an hour before the service) on behalf of the bride and groom.

After the signing of the registers the inside usher walks to the back and opens the main door, ready for the bride and groom to leave by, this is when the photographer has finished taking photos at the signing of the registers.

The Outside Usher

The outside usher needs to get people into church It is up to the ushers to get people inside Church, It is also their duty to stop people parking in really stupid places eg where the wedding car will turn round or park.  The outside usher needs to get people ushered into Church 15 minutes or so before the service starts, so that it can begin on time.

After the Service

 After the service the ushers collect up and orders of service or hymn books, and check for forgotten items such as glasses, phones, cards and presents. If any flowers are to go to the reception, or be taken elsewhere, immediately after the service, the usher places them or outside the porch door so they don’t get locked in by accident.The last job for the ushers is to collect the service sheets or hymn books, place them tidily at the back, and check that no one has left anything behind like presents, cards,  glasses, or umbrellas.