Adult Baptisms

It is quite normal for adults to be baptised as part of their wedding preparation, as they choose how they wish to live their lives and the values that they as a couple will live by.

For some couples adult baptism is a normal part of their wedding preparation, and the vicar will discuss baptism (which is the same as christening) with you if it is a necessary preliminary to a church wedding (for example by Banns based on church attendance and membership of the electoral roll, if both of the couple wish to be members, or for a wedding by common licence.) It is nothing unusual for adults to be christened, they don't need godparents, and they should be willing to explore the meaning of life and faith and able to answer the questions in the baptism service with the answers provided.

We run basic introductory courses locally for people wanting to explore the Christian faith.  We have other courses for those who want to develop their understanding further - please ask when the next course starts.

Baptism is a sacrament, and ‘a Serious Business’

A sacrament Is an outward sign of an inward grace. Baptism is a sacrament of God’s Church and a way for God to convey his grace to the world. It is also a symbol, in that it represents more than you can see. It’s hard to explain symbols, it’s almost as though when you explain something you trivialise it and it becomes less. That’s why I say that baptism is ‘a Serious Business’, and something worth of consideration by adults as well as for children.

Baptism symbolizes forgiveness

It's a picture of God washing away our sins. None of us is perfect (even your baby - it didn't need teaching to be naughty, did it?), and as we grow up, we go on doing wrong - only we learn to cover it up better.  So we all need God's forgiveness.

Baptism symbolizes new life.

It's warmer in the land where Jesus lived, and the first Christians were baptized in the open water. Coming out of the water, it was as if a whole new life had started, and it's the same today - it's a spiritual life, with the Holy Spirit of Jesus living in us.

That life begins when we ask Jesus to forgive us and enter our lives. It's wonderful to discover that he is a real person and experience the difference he can make to our lives.

Baptism symbolizes turning from darkness to light.

Jesus said ‘I am the light of the world’ When we light the candle from the Easter candle we pray for you saying ‘Shine as a light in the world, to the glory of God the Father. We all must commend God to those around us by the life that we lead.

Baptism symbolizes hope.

There is plenty in life to make us miserable and which conspires to depress us and starve us of all hope. When people have hope they have more energy, they see the world differently, as though a great weight has been taken off their shoulders. When Jesus died on the cross he removed that weight called sin from the shoulders of all mankind as he took our spiritual death upon himself so that we might live, in the hope of the resurrection.

Baptism symbolizes belonging to God

Baptism is a sign of belonging to Jesus Christ and his Church.  It is a symbol to us of God's love for us and His welcome into His family. People of any age can be baptised. Adults make the promises for themselves. Baptism is given to babies and small children on the understanding that their parents have a Christian faith of their own and intend to give their child a Christian upbringing within the family of the Church.