Do we have to believe to get married in Church?

No! Although the vicar is very clear what he believes, and what the Church teaches, he doesn’t require you to make any statement of belief, or sign up to a set of values when you have your marriage in Church. Only if you are adamant that there is no God would it be questionable to have a Church wedding. It’s okay to be an agnostic, though I hope you will

understand that the vicar would like you to follow Jesus. He would like you to keep an open mind, so that you plan as a couple to think about the values that you will have in your marriage.

How often should we come to Church if we are getting married?

We hope that you will join us for our

Church service at least once a month before your wedding day as part of your preparation for your wedding day. People have worshipped in Church in Darrington, Smeaton and Wentbridge for a thousand years. Faith in God is not required before you can have a Church wedding, but we hope that you will grow in faith as you prepare for your wedding and in your married life which follows it.

What does the Church teach happens in a Church wedding?

In the wedding service you ask God to bless your marriage and the rings. The vicar blesses you and prays for you, your marriage and your life together. The vicar talks about the role model for Christians, that same Jesus whose birth we celebrate at Christmas and whose death and resurrection we celebrate at Easter.

He talks mainly about love, and how we know what love is because of Jesus and his self-sacrificing love through his life and death.

Mainly though, the service is about love, and your love for each other. Getting married in Church is a special event and the best preparation for your married life together. Your engagement allows you time to get to know each other better as you prepare for the whole of the rest of your lives together.

What does the Church teach about marriage?

Lifelong exclusive commitment, foundation of family life, purpose include having and bringing up children

A fairy tale romance, a dream come true...your wedding in Wentbridge Church

Atheists believe that there is no God, it is a strongly held belief.  Agnostics are people who do not know whether there is a God or not, or who do not know whether they believe or not. They change their minds depending how life treats them.

Atheists probably would not want to be married in church. Agnostics are unlikely to be phased by the prospect of a church wedding with all that it entails.

We welcome everyone to church, whatever their belief. Members of other religions need to examine their conscience and consult family members before deciding to be married in church as the service can not be changed to suit their beliefs.

Members of other religions can probably only be married by banns of marriage, if they are European Union Citizens, and live in the parish, or by Superintendent Registrar’s Certificates if they live outside the parish or are not citizens of the EU.