Outside the Church

Statue Niches.

Darrington is an ancient church and this niche would once have held a statue, probably of the blessed virgin Mary, mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is another statue niche at the east end of the south aisle.

Memorials in Darrington Church

to Warren and Clara de Scargill

Memorials in the South Aisle

In the South aisle are family memorials, some of which are to members of the Lee family, including a hero of the Battle of Britain.

Tracery and carvery

This carved stonework is on the south wall of the chancel.

The Leper Squint

This blocked up stone work may be a leper squint,
it  is is on the north wall of the Church..

Or it  may just be blocked-up stonework.

The Churchyard

Ancient byelaws forbid dogs from entering Churchyards. We allow guidedogs for the blind, and do not object to dogs on leads, but dogs and bones do not mix, and this could cause considerable upset to a bereaved family. Local byelaws state a maximum fine of one thousand pounds for any owner whose dog fouls the churchyard.

The  Lych Gate

The vicar meets people at the lych gate before
funerals and weddings.
 It keeps the rain off and is very attractive.