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Churchyards, cemeteries and crematoria all have rules about how people mark graves. The Wakefield

Diocesan Churchyard Regulations offer clear guidance as to what is and what is not permitted in graveyards in the Church of England

Natural York stone is permitted in certain regulation sizes, granite and marble are not permiited. Permission for all monuments  needs to be sought, initially,  from the vicar. Photos and pictures are also not permitted, neither are chippings and kerbstones.

The reason we have rules is to make sure that the graveyard is a place where the needs of one are balanced against the needs of all, both in this generation and the next, to be a place of dignity and sanctity, while respecting that people with to show their grief in a variety of ways. Graveyard regulations, do not permit pot plants, or artificial flowers on graves. Wreaths at Christmas are encouraged.

Identifying a Grave

Each Church has a graveyard map showing locations of each recorded burial. Please contact the vicar for guidance.  Cremated remains may be interred in an existing grave, and an inscription added to the headstone.

Details of grave inscriptions are to be found to two excellent booklets from the Pontefract Family History Society

We adore you O Christ and we bless you.

Because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

Stones to mark the Interment of Cremated Remains

At Smeaton all new stones must be 18 by 12 inches.

At Darrington many are 18 by 18 inches (in the main, though some are 19 by 19 or 21 by 21).

At Wentbridge although there is a book of remembrance, it  is not permitted to have  a monument marking the interment.

Darrington Churchyard is maintained by the Grounds Maintenance Team at the Barracks in Pontefract by WMDC. All enquiries concerning the maintenance of the  graveyard should be addressed to them.

(eg pruning trees, grass cutting, repair of unsafe grave stones, and maintenance of boundary walls).

A few willing volunteers help keep the Garden of Remembrance, and the Tithe Barn area  looking lovely.

Smeaton Churchyard is maintained by Selby District Council. All enquiries concerning the maintenance of the  graveyard should be addressed to them.

(eg pruning trees, grass cutting, repair of unsafe grave stones).

Wentbridge Church is maintained by one or two people as volunteers. Many thanks to those volunteers in each Church  who help keep them  tidy and looking attractive.