We adore you O Christ and we bless you.

Because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

Ultimately only the death of Jesus on Good Friday and the Cross of Christ make sense of death. The resurrection of Jesus, his bursting from the tomb on that first Easter Day defeated the power of death forever. It is the hope of the resurrection which helps give meaning and purpose to life here on earth, and the hope of the world to come when all tears will be wiped away. The hymn ‘When I survey the wondrous cross’ encapsulates this hope and is a comfort to many in times of distress.

Sudden death:

In sudden deaths there are specific and notable characteristics

Reactions to Bereavement:

    * Deep sadness

    * Anger/anguish

    * Guilt/self reproach

    * Anxiety

    * Loneliness

    * Fatigue

    * Helplessness

    * Denial

    * Shock

    * Liberation

    * Relief

    * Pining

    * Numbness

    * Fear of own death

    * Fear of the future

 Physical sensations:

    * Hollowness in stomach

    * Tightness in the throat/chest

    * Over-sensitivity to noise

    * Sense of unreality

    * Shortness of breath

    * Muscle weakness

    * Dry mouth

    * Lack of energy


    * Disbelief

    * Confusion

    * Preoccupation

    * Sense of deceased presence

    * Hallucinations

    * Expecting the return of the person

    * Hearing his/her voice

    * No interest in self, aimlessness

    * Frustration

    * Injustice – why me?

Resentment towards the dead/towards others

Idealisation of the deceased

    * Religious doubts/guilt

    * Embarrassment at not reacting as others may have wished

    * Disappointment at unfulfilled future plans and dreams

    * Anger at being left behind