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Marriage by Superintendent Registrar’s Certificates.

Section 17 of the 1949 marriage Act states that: 'a marriage according to the rites of the Church of England may be solemnized on the authority of certificates of a superintendent registrar'.

1) At least 6 weeks before your wedding speak to the Superintendent Registrar at either Pontefract (for Wentbridge and Darrington weddings) or Selby (for Smeaton weddings).

 The Registrar is based at the Pontefract Registration Office, Town Hall, Pontefract WF8 1PG   Phone: 01977 722670, Fax: 01977 722676


Tell them that you want to get married by SRCs and ask for an appointment to meet the Registrar. This is normally booked well in advance  for the day after you have spent 7 days in the parish.  The registrar may ask for a receipt from the guest house or hotel to prove that it has been your usual place of residence.  You may also have to swear an affidavit to that effect.

2) Live for 7 days in the parish: one or both of the parties to the marriage must reside for at least seven days in the parish of Darrington with Wentbridge.

This week can be at any time in the year before your wedding, as the certificates are valid for one year.   A range of guest houses, motels, pubs and hotels are available, with  prices from budget to luxury, though the service is often far above what you might expect from the price. NB The 7 days may exclude the day of arrival and the day of departure.

3) See the registrar and complete the paperwork. If no one objects to your marriage after notice has been posted outside the registry office for 2 weeks then the Registrar will issue you with a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate (a blue slip of paper with your details on it.)

Each person wishing to be married must give the vicar a ‘Blue Slip’ This is what the Registrar sends you. The Blue Slips can be from any registrar, as long as one is from either Pontefract or Selby. Only one person must spend the week in the parish, but if this is the case you must see the registrar where you normally live and get a certificate from them as well.  This is your responsibility please do not forget.

4) Take the 2 Superintendent Registrar’s Certificates to the vicar in good time, preferably 1 month before your wedding. The vicar can not marry you if you do not give him 2 blue slips and your wedding would have to be cancelled as there is no way round forgetting to do this.