The Went Valley Parishes consist of the following parishes and the following Churches:

The parish of Darrington, with St Luke and All Saints Church Darrington, and St John’s Church Wentbridge. (Above)

The parishes of Kirk Smeaton and Little Smeaton with St Peter’s Church Kirk Smeaton. (Right)

Sunday Worship.

The regular pattern of weekly worship continues in each Church, you are invited to join us.

Church Wedding and Wedding Blessings.

Each Church is very attractive  and  an ideal venue for weddings. It is now easier to get married in church than ever before. You don’t have to live here to be married here. We very much hope that you will choose to be married here in Church, or to have your wedding blessing here. Each Church is beautiful, romantic and historic, a perfect setting for your special day.

The Church welcomes you to celebrate a birth of a child.

Give thanks for the safe delivery of a child, or  after adoption, come and see us for a chat, or visit the Church. Baptisms are free, as your child becomes a member of God’s Church.

The Church welcomes you in times of need and sorrow.

When your need is greatest turn to the Church for comfort and support, to know that God is real and that God cares. Have a coffee or tea after the service, and meet the congregation, they are all human!