Where are banns read?

Banns must be read in the parish where you will be married, and in the parish church or churches where you live.

When are banns read?


We read banns in the calendar month prior the month in which  your wedding falls,  on the first three Sundays of the month.


Please ask your vicar to read banns two months before your wedding on the first three Sundays of the month. You can explain to him or her that the reason for this is to enable you to attend that church and to build links with the church where you live.

This will allow you to be in Church when your banns are read out.


You must have banns read in the place(s) where you live, and give the vicar HERE the banns  certificate(s) from THERE.

That is your responsibility. Please don’t forget to bring the certificate to the rehearsal. The vicar can’t marry you if you forget to bring it. If you both live in Darrington, Wentbridge or Kirk Smeaton then it is the vicar’s responsibility here to read your banns. You do not need a banns certificate if both of you live in the parish.