Marriage of Members of the European Economic Area

British Citizens and members of the European Economic Area have the same rights under English Law, this includes rights of marriage. Any preliminary may be chosen. Please note that the vicar requires your permission to photocopy passports or photocard driving licences as proof of ID, and a bank statement or council tax bill as proof of address.

Marriage of Foreign Nationals

Non-EEA citizens have different rights under English Law. As a result of this, and in particular the residence requirements of the Home Office, not all ways of getting married are available to non-EEA nationals - EVEN IF BANNS WOULD BE VALID IN THE HOME COUNTRY.

The Church and Home Office Requirements.

Non-EEA citizens can only  be married by Superintendent Registrar’s Certificates, not by Banns or Common Licence.*

The vicar can not  marry a non- EU/EEA citizen by Banns.

This is because of the risk of being thought to be conspiring to facilitate unlawful entry to the UK. The vicar does not want to end up on remand like other clergy accused of conducting sham marriages.

What is the EEA?

The EEA is the European Union plus the countries of: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

Marriage of Foreign Nationals

This must be by Superintendent Registrar’s Certificates. A Home Office Visa is required for marriage by SRCs. It is the Superintendent Registrar who has responsibility for checking this.

*Some clergy may be willing to marry couples by Archbishop’s Licence. The vicar of the Went Valley will not marry non EEA nationals by Archbishop’s Licence.