Banns by Residence.

If you live in the parish of Darrington with Wentbridge you already qualify to be married by Banns of Marriage  in Wentbridge or Darrington.

The parish of Darrington includes Stapleton, Wentbridge and Darrington, as well as a few streets in Carleton and a few houses towards Baghill up Marlpit Lane.

If you live in Kirk Smeaton or Little Smeaton you already qualify to be married in Smeaton Church by Banns of Marriage*.

You should also have banns read in the parish where your fiancee lives - if it is different from yours.

If you both live in the parish you only need to have banns read here.  If you both live in the Went Valley but in different parishes please contact the vicar for advice, though usually banns would need reading in both parishes.

A marriage after the calling of banns must take place within three months of the last occasion on which banns were called.

*Non-EEA Nationals cannot be married by banns after March 2nd 2015.

If you used to live in the parish, for at least 6 months, then you can get married by qualifying connection.

Churches in Pontefract.

The Church of England is an established Church, and the vicars of the local parishes have the ability to marry people in Church without the need for a registrar to be present. For the purposes of the 1949 Marriage Act it is the Church of England Parish Church where you live that counts, not the nearest Church, or the Methodist or Roman Catholic Church. We mean no disrespect to Methodists, Baptists, Roman Catholics the Salvation Army, or members of other denominations: you are all welcome to be married here.

To be married here by banns you normally attend church regularly before the marriage and have your names added to the Church Electoral Roll. Banns are read here, and in the parish where you live. Most of Pontefract is not in the Parish of Darrington, or Kirk Smeaton with Little Smeaton.

Pontefract has two parish churches - St Giles and All Saints. If you live in Pontefract you probably live in one of those two parishes. But if you do live in the parish of Darrington then we can read banns here without membership of the electoral roll, though if your fiancee lives in another parish they should have banns read in that parish.

Carlton Church is in the village of Carlton near Pontefract, sometimes spelled Carleton, but it's not in Barnsley. East Hardwick also has its own parish church, as do Ackworth, Badsworth South Kirkby, South Emsall, Hemsworth, Kinsley and Wragby. East of Darrington is Womersley, Knottingley, Kellington and Whitley. West of Pontefract is Purston, Featherston, Normanton, Airedale,Castleford Team Parish, and Castleford St Michael's.The boundaries between the parishes in and around Pontefract are complicated, as Pontefract has developed over the centuries after the Parish churches were already in place. Unless you live in the Parish of Darrington or Kirk Smeaton with Little Smeaton you need to have banns read somewhere else - and that is where you live whichever parish it is in.