Banns by Qualifying Connection.

You can get married in the Went Valley Parishes if you have a demonstrable connection with the Church building or parish that you want to get married in.

A qualifying connection allows you to get married by banns of marriage.

What is a Qualifying Connection?

A couple may have a qualifying connection if :

Do I have to prove the connection?

Yes, there is a requirement to evidence this connection.

You must still have banns read in the place(s) where you live, and give the vicar the certificate(s). That is your responsibility. Please don’t forget.

N.B. non-EEA nationals cannot be married by banns based on qualifying connection from March 2nd 2015.

Getting Married here is easier than ever before.

Remember you have to get your banns read in the church where you live as well.

This is your responsibility please don’t forget. Unless you have a banns certificate from that church as well you won’t be able to get married.

The wedding rehearsal is a good opportunity to gather family and friends together who are playing a part in the ceremony as bridesmaids, best  man, ushers,  the bride’s father or supporter.

You do not need a registrar at your wedding as the clergy fulfil that role. They will ensure that you meet all the legal requirements to be married in church.