A Naming Ceremony

This is not an alternative to Christian baptism, it is an optional addition for those parents who wish to mark the naming of child in a meaningful and inspirational manner. It is based on the Yoruba Christian Naming Ceremonies from Nigeria, and is an alternative to a civil naming ceremony.

The ceremony has the following elements:

1) Welcome and gathering

2) Opening prayer for all those assembled

3) Bible Reading – parents may choose one of: Exodus 2: 1-10 the birth adoption and naming of Moses; 1 Samuel 1: 19-28 the birth naming and offering of Samuel to God; Mark 10: 13-16 the blessing of children by Jesus;  Luke 1: 59-66 the naming of John the baptist; Luke 2: 21-28 the naming of Jesus and his presentation in the Temple.

4) A short talk

5) Reading : Luke 1: 46-55– the Song of Mary mother of Jesus.

6) The naming of the child

7) A blessing for the child

8) Parents may speak about their hopes for the future for the child

9) Prayers for the family

10)  Presentation of gifts from family and friends.

During the naming and blessing the vicar holds the baby, and asks its name. It is a happy hopeful ceremony in which the child is the focus of attention for all those present. Light refreshments may follow  at the family's (and vicar’s) discretion and a cake may be cut and shared, with or without champagne.

This ceremony may, if it takes place in Church, be combined with Christian baptism, for which there is no additional charge. To enquire about a Naming Ceremony please contact the vicar by phone or email. Rev Adrian Judd 01977 704744                                                                                      

You and Your Baby

The Church offers four services for you and your baby

A Thanksgiving

This always takes place in Church.

A Naming Ceremony

This may take place in church or in a hotel or home.

Baptism / Christening

This can take place in hospital or the home only in an emergency, but normally takes place in Church.


This must take place in Church.

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