Christening Hymns and Songs

Most vicars will let you choose a hymn or two to sing at your baby’s christening.

If your baby’s christening is in a Sunday service you may like to choose a hymn to be sung in church The best hymns at your  baby’s christening are ones that people know and will join in singing. What hymns do you remember from school?

Suggested christening hymns and songs::

Morning has broken            

Lord of all hopefulness

All things bright and beautiful

O Jesus I have promised

Sing Hosanna

The Lord of the Dance

One more step along the world I go         (this is a happy, lively song)

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

For all the Saints

Living Lord

Be Still for the Presence of the Lord

He’s got the whole world in his hands

If the christening is a separate service by itself we don’t normally have hymns, but this can be arranged if you would like to sing some hymns.

Each church has a different organist and assistant organist.  It may be easier to ask the vicar for the name of the organist and their phone number, so that you can ask him or her if you can choose a hymn or hymns. Either that or just ask the vicar! He can then ask the organist if they can play the hymn that you want for the christening. Of course not all hymns are suitable for every occasion, and christenings don’t normally happen in Lent and Advent apart from on Mothering Sunday which is in Lent.

Remember to avoid hymns sung at funerals (eg Abide with Me, The Lord’s My Shepherd, the King of Love My Shepherd Is)  so as not to upset anyone.

Plan ahead

Please speak to the vicar before booking the christening party.

Where can we have our baby christened?

Your baby can be christened at your local Church of England parish Church. Or if you live near Pontefract we can do the service in one of our churches.

If you have no links with the church we ask you to attend church two or three times, so that you get to know  us and so that we can get to know you,  before you book the christening. Christenings normally take place at 10.45am in the family service on the second Sunday of each month in Darrington Church.

Christenings are free!

Christenings are free. A christening costs nothing, nil, zip, nada, zilch. Please consider making a donation to the church, perhaps of £50 if you are employed or £5 - £10 if you are not, but it is your choice.

Videos are not permitted, sorry.

At least not in our parishes, yours may be different, ask the vicar before booking one.

Photos take place after the christening.

Photos are allowed, but after the christening has taken place, when we will go back to the font, the vicar will hold the baby and you and your relatives can take photos. This allows us to concentrate on the special christening and not to be distracted during the ceremony itself.

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