Boring but important - things you must remember to do!’

Please do not book someone to video the service.

Video recording and audio recording are not permitted on Church grounds

videography.pdf Most Common - this probably applies to you.

Dreams and Disappointments

Due to the Coronavirus, now is not the time to be planning a wedding .We are not currently taking bookings and will not be doing so until some time after the lockdown has ended. Unfortunately weddings must be booked in person and that is not possible at the moment.

A Prayer in Disappointment:

Loving God,
Surround us this day with your presence; be with us in our disappointment and help us to be wise as we re-think our wedding plans. Sustain us in our love for one another, and hold all whom we love in your great love. Amen.

Please note that no weddings can take place while the Churches are closed.