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The Went Valley Parishes
In the Diocese of Leeds

Boring but important - things you must remember to do!’

Banns of Marriage
When you have booked your wedding
Start coming to Church straight away, then come once a month please.

After attending for 6 months
FILL IN THE ELECTORAL ROLL FORM   AND RETURN IT TO THE VICAR ** (see below re the requirement to be baptised)

Four Months before the wedding
See the vicar of the Church where you live and arrange for Banns to be read there (preferably 2 calendar months before)

Two months before the wedding
If you have not already done so, complete the Church electoral roll form. You must do this before your banns are read at either Church.

Go to church to hear your banns read where you live
Collect the banns certificate after the third time they are read. Fill in the Electoral Roll form if not already done so and return it to the vicar urgently.

Six weeks to one month before the wedding
Go to church to hear your banns read where you will be married.**
Post the vicar the banns certificate from the vicar where you live and also the music form.

**The vicar will read your banns the calendar month before the month that you are due to get married, on the first three Sundays.
Eg wedding 2nd July, banns first three weeks in June
Eg wedding 28th August, banns first three weeks in July.
Bishop’s Licence
Aka Common Licence

Some people live in the parish for 2 weeks and get married by common licence.This is normally only used when a couple forget to have their banns of marriage read.

Three months before the wedding.

Live in the parish for two weeks and see the Diocesan Registrar to arrange to get your Common Licence.

One month before the wedding

Go to see the vicar and take him the Common Licence.
Superintendent Registrars Certificates.
Aka SRCs

Some people get married by Superintendent Registrars Certificates. These are based on one week’s residence in the parish (plus day of arrival and departure).

As soon as possible

Anytime in the year before you are to be married - but as soon as possible.

Live in the parish for a week and get your Superintendent Registrar’s Certificates from the Registrar at the Town Hall. Each person needs a certificate.

One month before the wedding

Go to see the vicar and take him the two blue slips - the Superintendent Registrar’s Certificates.
Archbishop’s Licence
Aka Special Licence

Occasionally people wish to get married but can not come to church regularly, or live in the parish for a week or two. When all else fails they can apply to the Archbishop to be married.

As soon as possible

Apply as soon as possible. As soon as you are granted the Licence take it to the vicar to see.

Remember to get the paperwork sorted out well in  advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Please remember not to book someone to video the service.

We are sorry but video recording and audio recording are not permitted.

Most Common - this probably applies to you.
** Most couples get married by having Banns of Marriage read in church. This is when the vicar announces your intention to marry and asks if anyone has a legal objection to it. This can be -based on monthly church attendance for a minimum of 6 months , or residence , or by connection. - most couples choose this way to be married in church.To be married by Banns of Marriage based on habitual attendance and membership of the Church electoral roll one of you must be baptised / christened, and it is better if you both are. Please contact the vicar to arrange an adult baptism before completing your electoral roll form, Thank you.