Preparing an order of service.

You do not have to have an order of service, but sometimes they are helpful.They must include the hymns in if you wish to have ones not in the hymn book in Church, or wish to miss out a verse or more.

The readings have to be together in the wedding service. It is a requirement in the rubrics of the Church of England marriage service, not a whim of the vicar.

They are followed by the sermon.  The readings and sermon usually come towards the end of the service.

It is possible to have the readings and sermon earlier in the service, but it is not recommended.

This would then follow the optional order of service (far right).

 Make sure when preparing an order of service that you do so well in advance, ie three or four weeks minimum,  so the vicar can take a look at it and help you get it right! Please email it to him a few months before the wedding ideally.

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the Order of Service

The Marriage of

Names of those getting married

(Either Christian names or full names
for both people)

Picture of church or of two rings

Date of the wedding and time

Venue of the wedding

Second Hymn

(Words of the hymn in full)

The Bible Reading

A  non Biblical reading



Talk / Sermon



The Signing of the Registers

Recessional / Bridal March
(details of music to walk out to)

Bridal March

(details of music -the entry of the bride)


First Hymn: (words of the hymn in full)

The Wedding

Conducted by (eg Rev Adrian Judd)

The Blessing of the Rings

The Wedding Blessing

This is usually reserved for saying thank you to various people! Or to mention please don't throw foil confetti, or to give directions to the reception

Or it can be left blank..

Sample Front Cover (Page 1 )

Sample Back Cover (Page 4)

Sample Inside Left (Page 2)

Sample Inside Right (Page 3)

If you choose the 1662 or 1928 wedding service you will need to print the complete text of the service in your order of service. This is a much more complicated undertaking than the order of service for a wedding according to the year 2000 prayer book Common Worship.