A Guide for Wedding Videographers.

We are sorry but video recording and audio recording are not permitted on Church premises, nor without the consent of the Vicar and PCC.

Whose decision is it?

This is a decision taken by the Parochial Church Council in 1994 and ratified in 2009. It is a decision they are entitled to take as the local management committee (charity trustees) of  the churches of  Darrington and Wentbridge.

Did they consult anyone?

 It was taken after consultation with wedding couples,  the Bishops, and the advisor on videography to the Archbishop’s Council.

Who can we appeal to?

If this was the Roman Catholic Church you could appeal to the Bishop, Archbishop or Pope, but as it it the Church of England and the Church is locally governed this decision is not subject to appeal to the Bishop or Archbishop.

Will the PCC change their mind?

This issue was discussed in 2009, at a meeting of the PCC, and was passed unanimously, they do not wish to discuss it again, and will not change their minds.

Tripods are not permitted due to health and safety regulations and the danger of tripping in a busy and full church. Monopods however are allowed, but must not be left unattended.

Why no videos?

There are good and bad in every profession, and the vicar has worked with very professional and competent videographers in the past,  as well as some that frankly were hopeless. Here he writes a little about his personal feelings about having video recordings at weddings:

‘I am less than enthusiastic about videos:

a) for personal reasons - I hate being photographed hence I find it very distracting to have videos pointed at me - even when they do follow instructions  and

b) for professional reasons -  I find it videographers very distracting and an unnecessary addition to existing challenges at weddings,  and I have not had altogether positive experiences of them and I have found that videographers get in the way, and if they don't follow instructions, they can  themselves become the centre of attention not the bride and groom.’.

I am upset that we can’t have a video.

Sorry about that, please don’t be upset.

Do you have a theological viewpoint to back up this decision?

Worship is something to participate in. There are no onlookers or spectators in Church. If we liken church to a game of football it would be the medieval game where everyone joined in rather than the modern game where two teams play against each other while others watch. Songs of Praise is not worship, very nice though it may be.