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Diocese of Leeds

Bells can be rung at Wentbridge Church

If you would like the bells rung at your wedding please let the vicar know as soon as possible and he will give you details of the bellringer.The normal fee for 2017 is £75 payable in cash via an usher before the wedding (£100 on a Bank Holiday weekend, and Easter, and Christmas weeks).

Wentbridge Church has six bells rung from a Carillon, described thus  by Taylor’s of Loughborough: ‘The playing of the carillon requires an experienced musician and quite often organists undertake to play the carillon.’

Playing a Carillon is not easy and it is a skilled task. The bell-ringer will usually play for 15 minutes before the service is due to start and for 15 minutes afterwards.

See the details on the jobs to do page for details.

Bells can be rung
at Darrington Church,
but currently only from the Carillon
(as at Wentbridge Church).

This is due to the linkage from the strike hammer on the clock having been broken.

Smeaton Church

You need to make your own enquiries for a bell-ringer at Smeaton Church. The Carillon there is less suitable due to the smaller number of bells than at Wentbridge or Darrington.

Can we have bells rung at our wedding?

The Darrington Clangers

A group of hand-bell ringers meets weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7pm at the Vicarage. New members are welcome. Please phone first.

Please contact the vicar for details of bellringers who may be able to ring for your wedding.