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What happens in a Wedding Blessing?

Although the couple enter the Church together, it can  feel like a wedding. You can invite guests, enter together  in your wedding dress and wedding suit, walk down the aisle together to the wedding march, receive God’s blessing, and have photographs taken. The service lasts about twenty minutes, and you can choose readings, prayers and hymns to make it more special.

Do you keep a register of wedding blessings?

As it is not a wedding, no registers are signed, also any bridesmaids will already be sat down at the front of Church. But it is important to us that the day is special so wedding dresses and suits and bridesmaids dresses may be worn. Confetti can be thrown, wedding cars can be hired, a reception can be booked with chocolate fountain, champagne, wedding breakfast, disco, and fireworks. Or you can come to Church by yourselves, or with as few or as many guests as you choose. Your ceremony can be simple or extravagant.

How does the wedding blessing begin

Husband and wife walk into church together, their family and friends usually wait for them at the front of church. The vicar welcomes you and says some prayers that God may bless your marriage.

You can have  confetti and photos, but we are sorry videos are not permitted.

When will the Church be opened?

The Church will normally be opened 30 minutes before a blessing, and remain open for 20 minutes afterwards. The second hymn may include a collection.

Your wedding blessing in Church in Yorkshire.

Wentbridge Church, Darrington Church and Smeaton Church provide the ideal venue for your church wedding blessing. They are part of the Church of England and have excellent road links to Yorkshire and beyond.

Phone or email today to book your wedding blessing.


Rev Adrian Judd, Vicar

01977 704744


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