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The Parish of Darrington includes the following villages and hamlets:

The Parish of Kirk Smeaton wth Little Smeaton includes the following villages and hamlets:

Kirk Smeaton
Little Smeaton
Adjacent to Darrington Church is Darrington Church of England Primary School.

The River Went and the Went Valley give the ecclesiastical benefice its name. It is, however, very little more than a stream for most of the year, but try telling that to the people whose homes are regularly flooded by it, or to the livestock whose pasture gets waterlogged.

Local History:

The 800th Anniversary of Darrington Church
In the heart of the village of Kirk Smeaton is the Church, the Shoulder of Mutton pub, the post office and Kirk Smeaton Church of England Primary School.

The River Went is the boundary between Kirk Smeaton to the south and Little Smeaton to the north. It is hardly a significant river but it does sometimes flood the fields in Kirk Smeaton and totally submerge the foot bridge over the Went on Hodge Lane.

Local History:

The Magic of Childhood  
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