The Parochial Church Council - PCC - is responsible for the church's finances and for the care and maintenance of the building. It shares the vicar's responsibility for promoting the mission of the Church in the Parish.

The PCC is made up of members elected each year by the congregation and, ex officio, the Vicar, Churchwardens and Parish representatives.

The Benefice of the went Valley was formed when the parish of Darrington with Wentbridge was combined with the parishes of Kirk Smeaton and Little Smeaton.

'The PCC of Darrington with Wentbridge normally meets six times per year on the 1st Tuesday of the month, at 7.30pm in the Reading Room in Darrington. The meetings are preceded by a service of Holy Communion at 7pm in Church.

The PCC of Kirk Smeaton with Little Smeaton meet normally 5 times a year and have a subcommittee responsible for fundraising.

The two PCCs are each responsible with the vicar for the running of the churches, this explains differences in policy in the churches.

These meetings are not held in public, although the AGM of the PCC each April is usually held in public. It is not, however, a public meeting.'

Once a Year the Parishes each hold a series of meetings:

1) The Vestry Meeting

This elects church wardens, and sidespersons

2) The Annual Parochial Church Meeting

This approves the accounts, nominates an independent person to examine them, receives reports of the life of the parish, and the deanery, it also elects the members of the Parochial Church Council and the Deanery Synod.

3) The Annual General Meeting of the Parochial Church Council.

This meeting elects a vice-chair, secretary, treasurer and sometimes co-opts members on to the PCC who have expressed an interest in serving on it.

Each PCC has a vice-chair who is a lay person, and a secretary as well as ex-officio members -  churchwarden(s),  and deanery synod members.

Meetings begin with prayer and usually discuss the following business:

1) Welcome

2) Prayer

3) Apologies for Absence

4) Minutes of Previous Meeting

5) Matters Arising from the minutes not otherwise on the Agenda

6) Report on the Church Building

7) Treasurer’s Report

8) Deanery Synod Report

9) Diary Dates

10) Fundraising

11) Health and Safety

12) Children’s Work / Mission

13) Matters of urgency of urgency agreed by the chairperson / Matters for future agendas

14) The meeting concludes with prayer.

Additional items for discussion may be:

Church School business

Church link with the Parish of Kogaja and Diocese of Rorya in Tanzania


The minutes of the meeting become public documents once they have been agreed by the PCC.

Between meetings the business of the PCC is conducted either by the vicar and wardens or by the Standing Committee of the PCC which is the vicar, church wardens, treasurer, secretary, and vice-chair, sometimes with deputy wardens and experienced members of the PCC in addition.