A Guide for Wedding Photographers.

Both Wentbridge Church and Darrington Church are extremely photogenic and are ideal locations for your wedding photos. Photography is permitted only by your designated official photographer. Please choose either a professional photographer or identify one individual as your nominated photographer with whom the vicar will discuss what is permitted. Ushers should ask people to turn their cameras off and not to take photos and videos as they arrive at the church.

The bridesmaids normally arrive about 10-15 minutes before the ceremony so they can have photos taken, The bride arrives 5 minutes early so she can have photos taken with her mum and dad and with the bridesmaids.

All the Churches are suited to both black and white and colour photography.

The official photographer may take photos at the following times:

Before the service begins (with flash)

During the service from a fixed position at the back (without flash)

At the signing of the registers * (with flash)

The couple and their witnesses will sign in turn, then the vicar will

sit the bride down, turn to the photographer and say ‘they’re all yours’.

Walking down the aisle at the end of the service (with flash)

Please try to turn off any bleeps on cameras, thank you as it can be quite distracting.

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Health and Safety.

Tripods are not permitted due to health and safety regulations and the danger of tripping in a busy and full church. Monopods however are allowed, but must be attended.

Why only one photographer?

Having more than one photographer can be a distraction for guests, especially if they are moving about.

You can have as many as you like outside, and an assistant to carry bags or help with changing equipment is fine inside.

Why can we only take photos from the back of the church?

On this very special day the bride and groom should be the centre of attention. The photographer should therefore be out of line of sight of the guests.

Why no flash?

Flash photography is only allowed at the (Mock) signing of the registers, then as the bridge and groom walk down the aisle.

Why can’t family and friends take photos?

Have you ever seen a wedding where thirty different people are taking photographs? They often don’t know how to turn the flash off on their cameras and it is very distracting for everyone. We don’t want anything to spoil it.

The vicar recognises the importance of wedding photography to wedding couples, especially where family live at a distance or overseas. This guide is for the official wedding photographer.Only the official or nominated wedding photographer is allowed to take photos during the service, except as the couple walk down the aisle at the end.

Video recording and audio recording even with DSLRs or mobile phones is not permitted sorry.