You and Your Wedding at Smeaton Church

Smeaton Church is an ideal wedding venue. You are invited to join us monthly at Church, so we can get to know you, and so you can get to know us, and also to phone to arrange to meet the vicar to discuss your wedding day requirements. We hope that you will share your special day with us. It is much easier to get married in Church now than it has ever been. If you ever lived in the villages, or your parents did, or have a grandparent buried in the village then you qualify to be married here by banns of marriage because of your qualifying connection.

Those who don't qualify under these ways only need to attend Church monthly before their wedding to allow their names to be put on the Church membership list and get married by banns, or live in the parishes for a week to get married by SRCs.

Wedding couples do not need to be baptised if they live in the parish, or are getting married by Superintendent Registrar's Certificates. They do need to be baptised to be married by common licence, or by banns. Adult baptisms can be done after the morning service with a minimum of fuss. It is a way of showing your commitment to each other and to your Church wedding. Adults don't need godparents, but the same form as above is used.

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   St Peter’s Church, Kirk Smeaton with Little Smeaton

Baptisms / Christenings.

Wedding couples, and those whose families live in the village, are welcomed back to have their babies christened / baptised, this is normally in the morning service at 9.15am.


We understand how upsetting it can be when someone you love dies. If you would like to have their funeral here then this can be arranged via your funeral director on 01977 704744.

There is a book of remembrance and loved ones ashes can be interred in the churchyard. Please contact your funeral director in the first instance.

Smeaton Church has a kitchen and toilet for your convenience.