Your Church wedding.

The easiest and simplest way of getting married in church is to attend church monthly before your wedding and apply to be on the church electoral roll. You will then be able to get married by banns of marriage. This allows us to get to know you and you to get to know us. Banns have to be read out in the parish church (if you live separately they are read at both your parish churches) within three months of the wedding date. It's a legal requirement for them to be read out in a main public service 3 times before the wedding date. Begin your married life in the best possible way with a marriage in Church. To get married in Church has never been easier. Choose Wentbridge Church with its outstanding vistas, and romantic setting overlooking the river Went.

Wedding Invitations & Children.

What to do about children at your wedding.

Your own children belong at your wedding, because the day is about them as well as you, and we will do all we can to include them. The question is sometimes asked though what about other peoples children? Should you extend the invitation to children as well as to adults? How many children will come? Can their parents get baby-sitters? Will it upset family members if your cousin's children aren't invited? Will your parents pressure you to make them welcome?

Children or nor children at your wedding - it's your choice.

It's entirely up to you who you invite to church and to your wedding. We make sure that we welcome them  in church, not just at your wedding but all the time. There are some books, toys and colouring things for them to use at the back of church, but you can suggest to parents that they bring a favourite toy, or game.

Will you be able to hear if there are children at your wedding?

Children can be loud, babies can cry so loud it's hard to hear anything else, and they can be a distraction. If you do invite children be aware that there is no p.a. system in Wentbridge Church, but there are microphones and speakers at Darrington so Darrington is more suitable for a wedding with lots of children because people will be able to hear better.


Children are likely to need the toilet if it has been a long journey. There is a toilet at Darrington Church, and Smeaton Church but there is no toilet at Wentbridge church, upset children desperate for the toilet are unlikely to make good guests.

Opposite Darrington church is a village field and playground.

Children get bored easily, if you want to invite parents with children think about a wedding at Darrington church so that the children have more space to move around in church and so they can be taken for a play before the service.