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Diocese of Leeds

Your Church Wedding

It is now easier to get married in church than ever before. There are lots of ways of getting married here but the end result is the same - the best day of your life in an idyllic setting, specially tailored to your needs.  We very much hope that you will choose to be married here in Church. Weddings usually take place on Saturdays, or Monday to Thursday. Unfortunately Friday and Sunday weddings are not usually possible.

A Church wedding can feel ‘right’ in a way that a civil ceremony may not. If you are unsure about a Church wedding, come and see us for a chat, or visit the Church. You may be surprised at how comfortable you feel.

Congratulations on your engagement!

We hope that this guide to church weddings will help you over the next few  months as you prepare to get married. The day should be wonderful in every possible way and we know  that you will be planning every detail to make it so, but it is only the beginning of your lifetime together.

You will be in our thoughts and prayers as we get to know you more and as your wedding day approaches. We are available to talk with you as you prepare your arrangements and about life in general about other things which are on your mind. We hope that this guide will help answer your questions and guide you through the weeks and months ahead.  

How to get married in church

Getting married in church has never been easier. Nothing can compare with the feeling of getting married in a romantic church setting  with your family and friends around you.  Between Pontefract and Doncaster is the small village of Wentbridge, just off the A1 and M62.

With beautiful views across  the river Went and the Went Valley St John’s Church is the ideal venue for your wedding.

Attending Church
Is your wedding more than 8 months away? Can you come to church once a month? If so, then you can get married here. We would like to invite you to join us for services and to join in the life of our church community. This allows us to get to know you and you to get to know us. Please email for the quickest response.
Going to see the vicar
 to book a wedding:
If you are a divorcee please see this page for initial advice.
Weddings have to be booked in person by both bride and groom. Together, and the vicar only sees wedding couples together.
You will need to complete a wedding application form (which can be filled in at home and brought with you) and sign it in front of the vicar. Guidance on filling in your application form is available to print on the Info and Forms page. Please park outside the vicarage on Beech Crescent, thank you.

Please remember to bring your passport
eg a passport
and also proof of your address, eg utility bill, and if you are a divorcee your decree absolute.
Copies of these documents are not acceptable.

You will then be able to book your wedding and to send out your wedding invitations or date reservation cards.
What is the Church all about? Listen to this 1 minute talk: