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Diocese of Leeds

Before you look at this page please take a look here if you are thinking about getting married.

Banns of Marriage

Most couples get married by having Banns of Marriage read in church. This is when the vicar announces your intention to marry and asks if anyone has a legal objection to it. This can be -based on monthly church attendance , or residence , or by connection. - most couples choose this way to be married in church. Marriage by banns is the normal way for most people to get married in Church. If you do not live in the parish where you live you must be on the Church electoral roll, or have a 'Connection' with the parish. If you do not live in the parish you must be baptised and must come to church in order to have your names entered on the Church Electoral Roll. Publication of banns is the traditional and preferred method for most couples. Publication of the banns of marriage means the public announcement by a minister or priest during the church service that two people wish to marry, and an invitation to anybody who knows just cause or impediment why these persons may not be joined in holy matrimony to declare it. Banns are usually read out in the parish church  on three consecutive Sundays during the three months prior to the marriage. Banns of marriage are read out in the main service, but it is up to the clergy to say which is the main service. Banns do not have to be read out on consecutive Sundays but most clergy read them on consecutive Sundays to make sure that they do not forget them. The couple must remember to get a banns certificate from the parish where they live.
Archbishop’s Licence
Aka Special Licence

Occasionally people wish to get married but can not come to church regularly, or live in the parish for a week or two. When all else fails they can apply to the Archbishop to be married.
Apply as soon as possible
Superintendent Registrars Certificates.
Aka SRCs

Some people get married by Superintendent Registrars Certificates. These are based on eight days residence in the parish . Non-EEA  Nationals must get married this way from March 2nd 2015.
Most Common
This probably applies to you.
Less Common, but still fine.
Banns by Attendance / Membership

This is for anyone who is baptised and can come to church
Banns by Residence

This is for people who live in the parish that they want to get married in.
Banns by Connection

This is for people who have existing links with the parish .

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