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Diocese of Leeds

Your Dream Wedding Day

Before the Wedding

Only Darrington Church  and Smeaton Church have toilets, there is no toilet at Wentbridge Church sorry. Please try to get to the Church on time, it is really important. Even if you plan to be at Church 15 minutes before the service last minute hiccups will delay you.

When to arrive

The Ushers should arrive first with the order of service and get people sat down. They should be at the church at least 45 minutes before the service is due to start.

The Best Man and the  Groom.

The groom and best man arrive at Church 45 minutes before the service starts with his best man, and usually is inside Church 30 minutes before, and sat down 15 minutes before. This is so when the bride arrives everyone is inside and the service can start on time.

The best man holds the ring(s) and  is literally the groom’s supporter - to stop him keeling over at any time! He gets him in to the Church and sat down 15 minutes before the service starts. He sits beside him until the service starts then stands beside him during it, until the second hymn is finished and he and the bride’s father or supporter both sit down.

The Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids arrive at least 15 minutes before the service. They look after the bride when she arrives.  

The Bride

The bride should arrive  5 minutes before the service time to allow time for photos. The Father of the bride, or her Supporter arrives with the bride. The bride may choose anyone to be her supporter and to walk her down the aisle. Please be on time, for the groom’s sake and the guests’ sake if for no one else.

The Signing of the Registers

The bride signs first in her maiden name, then the groom, then two witnesses.
Two witnesses must sign the wedding register for the marriage to be legal, it is usual for them to be 18 years old or over, though they have to be competent to be witnesses to the wedding. A copy of the entry in the wedding register is given to the bride: this is your wedding certificate. You are now married and have proof!

After the Wedding

The ushers should collect any orders of service left behind, and check for spectacles, phones or presents which have been forgotten. (Or the wedding certificate which sometimes gets overlooked). They remove any flowers which are due to be taken, and put them in the porch at Wentbridge, or straight in a car at Darrington or Kirk Smeaton. Of course if you would like to leave your flowers in Church for others to enjoy that would be lovely.

Enjoy your special day, with your family and friends around you. Have a great honeymoon, and come back and see us in Church as soon as you can!